Fried bread: Take old bread, cut it in little cubes (one cube – one bite)
Take a pan, medium heat, add oil and fry the bread cubes until it gets light brown. Sprinkle with salt or a special drago-chicken spice mix over.
Eat with apple sauce, pickled red beets or whatever you like.

Grandmothers 2 ingrediens  cherry mousse
500ml natural red juice (cherry-apple, cherry or red currants juice), little natural sweet
50 g wheat semolina or spelt semolin
Bring the juice to boil and add the semolina while whisking, reduce to low heat and whisk for another 5 minutes . The consistency is like thick, creamy soup. Ad more juice if it is too thick.
Let cool down for 5 minutes and put the pot in cold water. With an electrical mixer beat the mixture for about 8-10 minutes. You will see that the volume doubles and the red turns into rose. It also gets thicker while cooling.
Now you can it it with fruits or leave it overnight in the fridge to become more like a mousse aux cerises.