the dragon-chicken

Who is the dragon-chicken?

His name is Gheri and he is unique. He was born in a normal dragon community, but he is not a dragon. Because he looked different, more like a chicken, he could not stay within the dragon community. He had to leave……

On a fall day, Red Henry, a recognized expert in dragons, brought him into the forest, left him there in a box, hoping that somebody will give him a new home.
That was the beginning of an exciting journey for Gheri.

Through eleven short stories Gheri will meet a host of characters more or less friendly and will face perilous experiences. Each time, invariably Gheri will surprise us with creative solutions.
These original stories are about self-confidence, resilience and the legitimate pursuit of love.

Do not forget, Gheri’s goal is to find a new home. And would you like to offer Gheri a welcoming home?
First of all, here are some important details you need to know:
A dragon-chicken likes only warm and cozy environment. He likes to feel useful and more than anything he loves to listen to people. He is a real source of new ideas and solutions to any problem.

A dragon-chicken requires a lot of love but in return he gives without counting.

Very important, a dragon-chicken eats only plant based food. It means he loves animals so much, that he cannot eat them and loves food made from plantes. You also need to know how to make fried bread with apple sauce; his favorite menu.


The stories are mainly aimed at children from 5 to 9 years old.

In order to prepare for the arrival of the dragon-chicken in your home and to maintain the growing interest of the child it is suggested to read first all the stories.

Each story is one page long. You can start reading every day one of the 11 stories and after the last story the dragon-chicken arrives in your home. You  may choose to read more stories than one, may be all of them in once. Depends only on you or your child.

The last story should present some elements describing where your home is located as well as the favorite dish of the child. This information is essential to be able to personalize the story.

For ex.: “….you go around the playground and you see a white house with a big tree in front of the entrance. In this house lives a familie with a 6 year old boy. He just started school few weeks ago…….”

The stories are available in German, English and French.

The dragon-chicken measures between 28-30cm. Each one is handmade with great care and love, either in Canada or in Germany. They are all unique and made from new high quality fabrics and natural wool fillings or allergy free high quality polyester.

As a dragon-chicken likes to sleep in a cozy and warm environment, it comes to you in a beautiful bag made of different fabrics .

All the fabrics are washed and dried before sewing. If necessary, it is suggested to wash the dragon-chicken by hand with a mild soap.

How to order the dragon-chicken package: 


Telephone: 1-819-923-6205 (Canada)

Some generic information will then be asked to allow us to customize the story.


How much does it cost?


the dragon-chicken in a bag with 11 customized stories: 69 Euro plus shipping

the dragon-chicken in a bag with 11 stories: 59 Euro plus shipping

Canada: Media & TextParagraph

the dragon-chicken in a bag with 11 customized stories :79 C$ plus shipping

the dragon-chicken in a bag with 11 stories: 69 C$ + shipping