read few sample of the unique little dragon-chicken stories. It talks about being different, self confidence, love, empathy, respect, creative solutions, and “never give up” experience.

“It was a cold day in early December. The wind was whistling around the corners and the sky looked like it was about to snow. But that was not to happen. First of all, it was not officially winter yet, and secondly, it was the day a young dragon was supposed to see the Light of Life. That was exciting enough as this day takes place only every 185 years.

The Dragon State gathered to greet the newcomer. They organized a huge party to celebrate this special moment. Many guests had gathered in the public square. where they served the dragon’s favourite meal: fried bread!! Fried bread for everyone, as much as you could eat and nobody would go hungry. There was also room for dessert: homemade applesauce.

Everyone waited excitedly for the announcement but suddenly someone called out! It was very quiet at first but then the voice yelled “No, no, what a shame, it is not a dragon, it is a chicken!” ………………………“

day 7

“Soft snowflakes danced through the air and the sun showed her warm face. The air was cold and the dragon-chicken felt his body slowly getting used to the cold. He happily wandered along a meandering path following a small river. The sound of the water was so calming that he completely forgot what he was searching for!

Then he remembered, and he became sad. He had no family, no loving siblings nor parents. He only had himself.

Gheri sighed and wished he had never been born, but then suddenly, something shot out of the water and landed on his shoulder.

“Hey you, take me with you!” said a voice. The dragon-chicken turned his head and he could not believe his eyes! There was something wet, cold, and slippery on his shoulder with a pair of eyes.

“Halllllo, I’m a special frog! Kiss me and you will experience an incredibly beautiful surprise, “said the green, slippery river dweller.

Gheri did not think for very long, he kissed the frog and was expecting the frog`s transformation. ………………………………………….“

Day 11

“Disappointed and lonely, Gheri walked slowly across a meadow, where he came across the Peacock butterfly once again. Happily, he asked the butterfly, “Have you found accommodation for the winter?”

“Yes, I have, I’m on my way there now ,” he replied.

“Of course you did,” said Gheri “You are so beautiful and everyone loves you. It must be easy for you to find a place to stay”

The butterfly was surprised by this statement: “why do you say that? When I hatched from a small egg, I had to eat as a caterpillar through plants. Nobody liked me and I did not have a home.  It is important to never to give up and to know that in the end everything will be fine. If you think that things are not good, you have not reached the end yet. Never give up, my friend! You can find what you are looking for. “

Gheri raised his head and repeated to himself over and over: “everything will be alright, everything will be alright, everything will be alright”

“What are you muttering about to yourself?” squealed something from behind Gheri.

He turned around and saw 5 mice on the road  “Oh no, you guys again. What’s up? “Gheri asked.

The mice took a deep breath and at the same time they shouted: “We have something for you, a family that will surely welcome you with open arms. They love fried bread and applesauce. There is even a little boy who would like to have a dragon-chicken for a friend. “

“Really?” asked the little dragon-chicken uncertainly. “are you being serious?”…………………………………“

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