20171014_111750My name is Zabiné Lainé and I am the creator of the dragon-chicken. I spend most of the year  in Wendake, an Indian reserve close to Quebec City, with my husband, a memeber of the Huron Wendat First Nation. Even though my children are in Germany, where I lived most of my life.

Travelling between continents gives me the opportunity and time to be creative.  I love watching people and make up stories about their lives. May be it is because of my professional life as a health consultant and naturotherapist. Observe and listen carefully about the medical history.

My passion is creativity and my weakness is to be perfect. It can block the entire creativity. But I’m getting better.

Feel free to contact me for questions or to order the lovely dragon-chicken with its stories.


Zabiné Lainé, Tel: 1-819-923-6205, email:

Adresse: 40-Chef Philippe-Vincent, Wendake, Qc, G0A4V0